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The hamburger is a very intricate sandwich. With all the ingredients working in perfect synchronicity, the hamburger remains one of earths wonders.

Picture credit: http://childadolescentweightmanagement.wordpress.com/tag/healthy-hamburger-2/
Amazingly, this piece of artwork can be enjoyed by not only the common man, but also people who want a different variety of flavor. For example, what if your feeling really hungry? Well of course you can get 2 burgers, but wouldn’t having 2 burgers in one burger be a lot more fun? Feeling like you want to eat less? Pile on the tomatoes, lettuce and cheese for superstition. Don’t like cheese or lactose intolerant? Feel free to hold the cheese! With the hamburgers architectural design, the presentation is 1st class WOLRD CLASS.

The hamburger Is the next generation of a lunch/dinner time delicacy.


Summer Time=Breakfast Time

It’s going to be the summer soon! Children are in commerce, the flowers are blooming, apple’s and apple products are being made, everything is very bright. One thing that is making my summer change is the problem if global worming. Blah blah blah, global warming makes EVERYTHING hotter. However, if the temperature goes to180 degrees Fahrenheit, I can fry som eggs on the sidewalk! Now think how handy that could be. Not to mention pancakes could be fried. And oranges could be picked.